1 Mr. Dararith Kim-Yeat Executive Director
2 Prof. Michel Foucher Program Director
  A- Institutional Development Department
  A1- Program Development/Strategic Tasks
3 Ms. Zoe Caselli Program Development and External Relations Officer
4 Dr. Jan Taylor Communication Specialist
5 Ms. Lorena Banares Communication Training Specialist
  A2- Program Coordination  
6 Ms. Chea Sokhary Program Coordinator
7 Ms. Chea Malika Program Coordinator
8 Ms Khine Su Ye Zaw Coordinator in Myanmar
  A3- Outreach  
9 Ms. Kong Kunthea Outreach Manager
10 Mr. Em Sorany Outreach Specialist
11 Mr. Jeffrey Cole Senior Trainer
  B- Capacity Development Department
12 Mr. John Christopher Capacity Development Director
13 Mr. So Sovannarith Manager
  B1- Economic & Finance  
14 Dr. Sryneath Chhuor Unit Head
15 Dr. Ly Yasak Analyst/Instructor
  B2- Environment and B3- Peace Building
16 Mr. Hisham Mousar Head of Research Unit
17 Ms. Ros Bandeth Senior Research Instructor
18 Ms. Top Davy Instructor
19 Ms. Kem Keo Thyda Instructor
20 Mr. Nhiep Seila Geographer
21 Mr. Heng Sonya Analyst/Instructor
22 Ms. Margaret Bywater Librarian Specialist
  C- Operations Department  
23 Mr. Prasnar Yi Director of Operations
  C1- Finance, HR and Administration
24 Ms. Kham Kolap Finance Manager
25 Ms. Moudda Billmeier HR Manager
26 Ms. Chon Sotpheara Admin. Officer
27 Ms. Mann Chantrea Admin. Officer
  C2- Information Technology  
28 Mr. Leng Vanna IT Supervisor
29 Mr. Pon Sina IT Officer