Rgnal Atlas CoverUnder the scientific direction of Michel Foucher, French geographer, diplomat and essayist, the Regional Atlas on Parliamentary Diplomacy is PIC’s second publication after the Geopolitical Atlas of Cambodia in Asia and in the World published in 2017. 

Download the Updated Digital Version by 28 September 2020

The purpose of the Regional Atlas is two fold – it aims to serve as a Pedagogical tool for the PIC Regional Fellowship Program on Parliamentary Diplomacy that began in 2019; and a Reference document providing information on parliamentary diplomacy issues to Parliamentarians and parliamentary staff in the ASEAN region. The Atlas Project is divided into four chapters:

Chapter 1: The ASEAN Context
Chapter 2: AIPA Member Parliaments
Chapter 3: Parliamentary Diplomacy Associations
Chapter 4: An Overview of Transnational Issues in the Region

“The Regional Atlas on Parliamentary Diplomacy in the ASEAN Context” strives to be a living atlas, continually updated online and periodically in print, making it a valuable reference document and a vehicle for ongoing collaboration. Because accessing upto-date information is not always an easy task, working together is the best approach.

Accordingly, we kindly ask for the assistance of leaders, experts and informed readers  to share relevant knowledge that will be included in future updates of the atlas. To all those who contribute their time and expertise to the creation of this regularly updated, living atlas, we offer our sincere appreciation. Together we hope it will remain a useful resource for parliamentary staff fellows, those working within AIPA Member Parliaments, and to anyone interested in the role of parliamentary diplomacy and the ASEAN region more generally. To help PIC and the AIPA Secretariat provide an atlas that is always current and relevant, kindly send all comments and contributions to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..