On 21 September 2020, PIC and former trainees of the Fiscal Analysis Training Program (FACT) attended the virtual “Cambodian Day” event which was organized by Sida in Stockholm for Swedish authorities working in Cambodia, especially with Partnership for Accountability and Transparency (PAT) partners.

The objective of the half day event was to finalize the first phase of the PAT program, bringing together stakeholders to share their experiences and reflections. It featured a number of presentations on topics ranging from the implications of COVID-19 on the Cambodian Economy, poverty, challenges of women in leadership, and on the lessons learned and ways forward for PAT program.

Taking this opportunity, a former team leader of Fiscal Analysis Training Program (FACT), in collaboration with former FACT trainees who are currently integrated into the Budget Research Department of the Cambodian Senate, shared reflections on the Gender Statistics Report on the Challenges of Women in Leadership: Key Findings from Gender Statistics Analysis. This report was published by the General Secretariat of the National Assembly of Cambodia.