The Parliamentary Institute of Cambodia organized the virtual Training Seminar on Parliamentary Responsibilities that will run for five weeks from October 5 to November 6, 2020. During its opening session, 65 delegates from ASEAN Inter-Parliamentary Assembly (AIPA) Member Parliaments were in attendance, including those from, Cambodia, Laos, Malaysia, Myanmar, the Philippines, Thailand and Vietnam.

Carrying the theme, “An Overview of Parliamentary Responsibilities: Strengthening the Institutions”, the Final training seminar is being held virtually due to the worldwide COVID-19 health crisis.

In his opening remarks, PIC’s Executive Director Mr. Dararith Kim-Yeat stressed the importance of pursuing Parliamentary Responsibility webinar despite the crisis which can “offer not only needs-oriented learning opportunities to parliamentary staff in the region, but also fostering interaction and exchanges between Parliaments in the spirit of cooperation.” He told participants that PIC hopes that the webinar, “will inspire reflection about how new ideas can be adapted to the realities and contexts of your own parliamentary administrations, contributing to institutional strengthening.”

In accordance with the Executive Director’s remarks, the virtual training features topics focused on the three core functions of the Parliament - legislation, representation, and oversight, complemented by subject matters including Parliamentary Works of various Parliaments, Various Political Systems and Parliamentary Diplomacy. The topics are tailored to encourage knowledge sharing of parliamentary practices among AIPA Member Parliaments, with the aim of contributing towards strengthening the capacities of those institutions. Divided into six sessions, Session 1 offers a Presentation on Parliamentary Work, Challenges, and Expectations of ASEAN Countries. Session 2 provides an overview on the Various Political Systems of Canada, France, Switzerland and an Introduction to the European Parliament. Session 3 is a sharing of best practices regarding the legislative functions in France and Switzerland, and will also address the importance of parliamentary research. Session 4 deals with the representation function of parliament and will discuss topics on outreach and communication. Session 5 is about oversight function, and Session 6 will tackle parliamentary diplomacy.

Resource Persons are coming from AIPA, the French Senate and National Assembly, the State Parliament of Zurich, Switzerland, the Legislative Assembly of Ontario and PIC.

Her Excellency Mrs Nguyen Tuong Van, AIPA’s Secretary General, expressed appreciation to PIC for organizing the training seminar. “I highly appreciate the topic for this seminar which contributes to enhancing theoretical and practical knowledge of parliamentary staff on parliamentary responsibilities in strengthening the institution. The seminar will help to improve knowledge, develop skill and capacity of parliamentary staff in order to support legislators better in fulfilling their constitutional roles.”


Link to video on speeches during the opening session