The Parliamentary Institute of Cambodia (PIC) organized a seminar entitled “Peace and Security on the Korean Peninsula” on 13 July 2018, in collaboration with Dr Bernd Schaefer, Professorial Lecturer from the German Department of George Washington University, Washington D.C. Dr Schaefer specializes in Cold War international history, German history, and 20th century international relations.

This seminar was linked to PIC’s mandate to foster knowledge and experience exchange through inviting specialists and experts on subjects related to diplomacy and international relations as part of its Parliamentary Diplomacy Training Program (PDTP).

Approximately 40 participants attended, including regional Fellows from the Parliaments of Cambodia, Lao PDR, Myanmar and Thailand, trainees undertaking the PDTP, officials from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation, and PIC staff. The objective of this activity was to build knowledge and share insights with participants about relations between the US and North Korea, and the talks around denuclearization held at the Singapore Summit in June 2018.

Dr Schaefer started the lecture with the following question: “Does the Singapore Summit between President Trump and Chairman Kim Jong-un herald a historical breakthrough for the security environment of Northeast Asia and the prospect of real peace on the Korean Peninsula?” He then discussed the Singapore Summit Statement and the key actors around the world: the United States, China, South Korea, North Korea, and the Inter-Korean and Chinese Agencies. He also explained about relevant policies such as the “American Maximum Pressure” and “Complete, Verifiable and Irreversible Denuclearization (CVID)”. Commenting after the event, Dr Schaefer said: “The participants were attentive and raised some really good questions.”