PCAsia’s Parliamentary Information Network (PIN) is a resource for Members of Parliament, parliamentary staff and the public to access information and exchange knowledge related to the work of Parliaments in the ASEAN region and on the issues affecting Southeast Asia and the world.

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 Here on the PIN Homepage is a unique platform to share and search for research products made available by the Parliaments of Southeast Asia and their partners.


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The Inter-Parliamentary Union (IPU) established in 1889, is the global organization linking national parliaments. IPU currently has a worldwide membership of 179 parliaments, as well as 13 associate members. It is recognized at the United Nations. Based in Geneva, Switzerland, IPU is active in supporting parliaments, parliamentarians and parliamentary staff, organizing opportunities for dialogue, providing support for, and strengthening links between regions and national parliaments. IPU has an active publications program that includes both print and digital versions of a wide variety of research reports, parliamentary handbooks and guidelines. Publications may be ordered via the IPU website, or downloaded from the IPU website

IPU has a particular concern to encourage equality, especially gender equality and gender sensitive parliaments. IPU works to increase the numbers of women elected to parliaments around the world, and each year publishes a report “Women in parliament: the year in review” on the occasion of International Women’s Day in March. In 2020 the review looked at achievements since 1995, on the 25th anniversary of the Beijing conference.

Since of the COVID 19 Pandemic, IPU has continued offering networking and advice to parliaments. An important task undertaken by IPU has been the gathering and sharing data from member parliaments on the various approaches being taken to continue parliamentary activities during the pandemic. The information and experiences collected from IPU member parliaments been shared and continues to be updated.

In October 2020, IPU published a comparative research paper focusing on Parliamentary administration looking at practices in different countries. The findings are based on data collected over the past three years, including from the IPU PARLINE database, a survey completed by member parliaments, and a desk review of relevant texts and legal frameworks. Parliamentary administration is provided by the staff responsible for the organizational, day-to-day, and budgetary and technical functions that ensure effective functioning of individual parliaments.

In September 2020, IPU and UNDP together published “Guidelines for enhancing the engagement and contribution of parliaments to effective development cooperation.” This publication is intended to encourage more active involvement by parliaments in development cooperation, including support for the Sustainable Development Goals (SDG).